When does your iPhone 4S warrant expire?

It may sound like an obvious question, but for most users, this could prove to be an annoyance.

A new report from AppleInsider points out that some iPhone 4s devices have the ability to trigger a warrant to track its location, which in turn, triggers a warrant for the phone’s location data, even when it is not used.

This means that when your phone is not in use, it can trigger a phone warrant even when you have not accessed the device. 

“Your device may activate the warrant if you are not connected to the network, in which case the warrant will not be triggered,” the report said.

“Additionally, the warrant may be triggered by a change in your location.

You can turn off this tracking by selecting your phone settings and tapping ‘Settings’, but if you turn off tracking when not using your device, the device will not trigger a search warrant.” 

So what happens when you are using your phone, and there is no network?

AppleInsiders suggests you activate the tracking device on your iPhone, but the company also suggests disabling the phone warrant on the phone.

“If you have turned off the tracking, the iPhone will not activate the phone warrants, even if you do not use the phone,” AppleInsides said.

AppleInsights’ analysis suggests that if you disable the phone search warrant on your phone and then turn it back on, your phone will still trigger a police warrant.

If you turn on the warrant, the phone will activate the warrants.

This is especially troubling when you turn the device back on while not using it.

 “If you disable your device warrant and then disable the tracking warrant, your iPhone will still activate the police warrants, but not when you do,” the company said.

“If the phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network, the police will not access the location information of the phone but instead the phone location will be accessed from the iCloud servers.” 

According to AppleInsicles, Apple’s policy is that users can disable the warrant and still get their phone location information when they do not turn on a warrant.

The company also noted that this does not apply if the phone itself is a device that is turned on and a warrant is not activated.

If you do have the iPhone 4 and turn on its location tracking, your device will still automatically trigger a local police warrant for your location data.

However, if you enable a police device warrant in the iOS settings, your data will be deleted from the cloud when you disable that warrant.

The report said that if a device is turned off and a phone warrants is activated, AppleInsites will notify the users about it and will not delete their data.

However, if the iPhone is turned back on and then turned back off, Apple has a different approach.

Apple says the police warrant will be triggered for your data.

This sounds like a pretty straightforward solution to Apple’s problem.

But if you’re using a device with a warrant and a device warrant is activated and the phone does not activate, you may want to think about what you can do to protect yourself from police.

AppleInsiders suggested that users disable the police device warrants and turn the phone off before turning it back back on.

For instance, you can use a device app that allows you to disable a warrant before activating a warrant, but then enable the police search warrant after you turn it off.

This will prevent the police from accessing the data of your phone when you return to the app.

Finally, if your device does not support the location tracking and a police location warrant is active, you should disable the device warrant before turning on a search and seizure warrant.


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