How to use an AR tracking device to track you

The latest gadget to be touted by the likes of Google and Amazon is a new device that lets you track your phone’s location and even send it directions.

It’s also one of the first devices that’s actually compatible with Android phones.

The rechargeable tracker, called AR, is the brainchild of David Yip, a Google engineer who is working on the company’s smart home products.

It has been designed to track any location that a smartphone can access, and also sends out the location information to the device itself, which can be used to find nearby places.

The device works by sending a Bluetooth signal to your phone, which sends a signal to the phone itself, and the signal bounces back.

When that signal bounces, it tells the phone to “follow you,” meaning the phone will send a signal back to your location.

The phone then sends a second signal to a third party service, which in turn sends that signal to other devices nearby.

You can then receive directions to your destination and send it to the car.

The device is not yet available in the US, but the company plans to make it available in other countries in the future.

This is all well and good, but what does it actually do?

The AR tracker, known as AR, uses a Bluetooth transmitter to track the location of your smartphone.

A Bluetooth transmitter, or Bluetooth receiver, is a device that takes data from the phone and sends it to another device.

If the device is set up correctly, the data from your phone can be relayed to another smartphone.

For example, the transmitter can detect a phone that has been in your vicinity for some time, and send the phone’s signal back.

It could also detect a nearby smartphone that has recently connected, and pass that information to that device, so that the other phone can receive that information as well.

This could be used for a map to locate a destination.

Another example is the transmitter sending the signal to another phone to relay the information that your phone has received from the transmitter.

The signal would be sent back to the transmitter and then to a device in your area, and that device would relay that signal back and forth with other phones nearby.

It would then send a third signal back from your location to the receiver.

It might even be possible to transmit that data to other phones in your immediate vicinity, so they can relay it to each other.

The data could be passed from one phone to another in an encrypted form, to make sure it’s safe.

The AR device has a small camera on the back that takes a picture of the phone, sends it a picture, and then sends that picture back.

The picture sent to the camera will contain a small amount of information, such as a GPS location and a timestamp.

This can be sent to other people or devices in your environment, so it’s a way to keep track of a location.

It can also be sent over Wi-Fi or cellular, and can be stored locally on your phone for later use.

The transmitter is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by charging the phone with a power bank.

The rechargeable batteries are small, but they’re designed to last for about a year.

The AR tracker works with the Qi wireless charging standard, which works with most smartphones and chargers, and it’s compatible with the Google Fit fitness tracker.

The main function of the AR tracker is that it tells your phone where you are and when to be in that location.

You have to choose between one of three different modes to get the best results.

You choose between “follow me” and “follow” mode, which tells your device to follow you.

The app on your device has to have a phone number and “receive” mode.

The receiver has to be set up to receive this data and store it locally.

The second mode lets the phone know to “wait for me” before sending a signal.

The third mode lets your phone know when it should start to receive the signal.

The receiver also has a “receiver settings” button, which lets you control the receiver settings.

You set the receiver to receive only when the phone is within 100 feet of you, or you set it to receive when you’re closer than 100 feet.

The tracker also has an “send” and a “wait” button.

In either case, the receiver sends the signal back if it receives a signal, but if it doesn’t receive a signal it will wait for you to send it a signal before it starts to send the signal again.

The Bluetooth transmitter and receiver works in tandem to work, but this is where the real magic happens.

The transmitter is only responsible for sending the data to the receivers, but it can send a separate signal to each of the other two receivers.

The only problem is that the receiver has the ability to send its own signal, which is what the transmitter needs to do.

That’s where the AR app comes in.

In order to use the AR trackers, you


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