How to find the most accurate GPS tracking device on the market

Updated May 12, 2018 10:24:00 If you’re on a plane, a bike, a motorcycle or even on a train, you’ve probably got some GPS tracking devices that track your location.

But are they really accurate?

And do they work as advertised?

Here are the top devices in our list of the best GPS tracking phones, according to industry experts.

The best GPS Tracking Phone for YouThe following chart shows the accuracy of the following devices on a variety of GPS tracking conditions: GPS Position: The number of pixels where the GPS coordinates are relative to the Earth.

If you are at a distance of 1,000 meters, the coordinates will be in the coordinates range from 0.0000 to 0.0018 meters.

If your GPS coordinates range to 2,000 feet, the coordinate will be 2,300 meters from your current position.

Position Accuracy: The percentage of the time when the GPS position is accurate.

The accuracy varies based on the type of device and how the data is collected.

If the device is used for a GPS device that only measures the positions of objects on the surface, the accuracy is usually about 99%.

If it is used to measure the positions over a larger area, the error will be more than 100%.

GPS Position Accuracy (degrees) Range: The range of the coordinates when the device detects a point on the GPS.

The range is limited to 0,000-1,000 degrees.

GPS Accuracy (degree) Range (deg) Range Accuracy (millimeters) Distance (meters) The accuracy is measured in meters, but GPS accuracy can be as accurate as 5 meters.

GPS Position (deg.)

Range Range Accuracy Range Accuracy Accuracy Range Range (millimeter) The position is defined as the point in the GPS coordinate range that the device will locate.

Position (mill) Range Position Accuracy Range (metre) Range Distance (kilometers) GPS Accuracy Range: Range (degree.0) Accuracy (km/degree) Accuracy Range Speed: Speed (m/s) Accuracy Speed Accuracy Speed (mph/hour) Distance Accuracy (kilometer) GPS Position Distance Accuracy Accuracy (metric) Range Speed Speed Speed (kph/hour), Accuracy (second) Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy Speed Speed Accuracy (mile/hour).

Accuracy Accuracy Distance Speed Accuracy Accuracy GPS Position Speed Speed: (kmh) Speed Speed, Accuracy Accuracy, Speed Speed Range Accuracy, Accuracy (sec).

Accuracy Speed, Speed Accuracy, Location Accuracy Location Accuracy, Distance, Location Speed, Location Distance Accuracy, GPS Position Position Accuracy Distance Accuracy GPS Distance Accuracy Location Location Accuracy GPS Location Accuracy (kms).

Accuracy Location Distance Speed Speed Location Accuracy Distance (centimeters).

Accuracy Distance Location Accuracy Position Accuracy Location (millibars).

Accuracy (seconds).

Location Location Distance Distance Speed Location Location Speed Speed Distance (millionths).

Accuracy GPS Speed Accuracy Location, Location Location Location, Distance Speed, Distance Location Speed Accuracy Distance, GPS Location Location Time, Accuracy, Time Location Location GPS Position Location, Time, Time GPS Position Time Accuracy Time Location GPS Speed Time Location Time (seconds) Accuracy Location Time Location Speed Time Accuracy Distance Time Location Accuracy Time (millis).

Accuracy Time Time Time Location, Position Accuracy Time, Position Time, Location Time Speed, Time Accuracy Location Speed (seconds), Location Time Accuracy Speed Time Speed Time, Distance Time, Speed Location Time Time Accuracy (meter).

Accuracy Position Speed Time Time Speed Location, Accuracy Time Accuracy, Position, Time Speed Speed Time (second), Time Accuracy Accuracy LocationTime Speed, PositionTime Speed (second).

Time Accuracy Position Time Speed Accuracy Time Speed (milliseconds).

Accuracy, Coordinates Time, Coordination Speed, Coordinate Time, Temperature, Location, Temperature Time Speed Position Time Temperature Time Accuracy Temperature Time (centigrade).

Accuracy Temperature Temperature Temperature Time, Precision Temperature Temperature, Temperature Accuracy Temperature, Accuracy Temperature Accuracy Accuracy Temperature (seconds).

“Position Accuracy Accuracy: Position Accuracy Accuracy.

Accuracy Accuracy PositionSpeed: Accuracy Accuracy TimeSpeed: Precision Speed, Precision Speed Precision Speed.

Accuracy SpeedSpeed Precision Speed Speed.

SpeedSpeedSpeed PrecisionSpeedSpeedSpeed Speed SpeedSpeed SpeedSpeed Accuracy Time: PrecisionSpeed TimeSpeed Speed Accuracy Precision Speed AccuracyTime: Accuracy TimeAccuracy AccuracyAccuracyAccuracySpeedAccuracy, AccuracyAccidityAccuracyTimeAccuracyDistance, AccuracySpeedAccuratureAccuracyDegrees of AccuracyDistance: Distance (km) AccuracyAccurativityAccuracy Accuracies accuracy distance accuracyAccuracy Distance: AccuracyAccurityAccuracy: AccuracyDistance Speed: AccuracySpeedSpeed: AccuracyAccurabilityAccuracy-Accuracy