Zoomombak, Mini Tracking Device Gets $50M Funding

A small tracking device called the Zoomombaks, designed to help people avoid getting lost in crowds, is getting its biggest funding round yet.

The company says its mini-tracking device, which it plans to sell to businesses and the public, has a range of features that are “so effective” that it could be used to improve safety in large gatherings.

The device has a built-in camera that can take a picture of a person in front of it and the device has an on-board GPS and a “smart lock” that locks the device to a person.

It’s an example of a new technology that aims to help prevent people from getting lost.

Zoomombaks can be used in public places, such as restaurants and shopping malls, where crowds are high.

The company says the device is “easy to operate, discreet, and has a low-cost battery life.”

It says it hopes to start selling the Zoomombs in the next few months.

Zoombaks are used in restaurants, malls, schools and other public places in order to help the crowd disperse, but they’ve never really been a common way of getting around.

Zoomombakers claim that they can help with crowd dispersal, but that it’s “difficult to use for the majority of crowds.”

They said in a statement they are excited to bring Zoomombaking to the public.ZOombak technology is based on a prototype that was created back in 2010 by Stanford researcher Peter Rennie, who is now at the University of Toronto.

Rennie said in an interview with TechCrunch that he originally developed the technology as a way to help protect against crowds of people.

“I realized that you could get people to disperse into areas that they shouldn’t be dispersing into, or that were not appropriate for people to be in,” he said.

“So I started to think about how we could make this more practical.”

The Zoomombakis, which cost $500 to $700, were designed to be easy to use and have a high-tech camera that captures pictures of a human and a person who’s standing in front.

Zoomoombak’s co-founders said in the company’s announcement that the device would have a range “up to 2.5 meters” and would have “a GPS tracker, a proximity sensor, and a heart rate sensor.”

It was built with 3D printers, which they said would make the devices “very lightweight, which would make them very good for use in industrial applications.”

The company said it plans “to launch this device to the general public in 2018” and will also “support additional applications and manufacturers in the near future.”

The company has also been working with a number of other companies, including Apple and Samsung, to make the Zoomorphaks available to the masses.


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