SolarWinds device tracking device tracker will be sold through Amazon, company says

A solar wind tracker could be a good idea for those who ride their bikes, or who want to track their bike’s progress with their smartphone.

The company behind the SolarWindS device, SolarWind Technologies, says it will be a $99 accessory that can track your progress with your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

The company is also announcing a new $79 smartphone-tracking accessory, SolarWinding, which is a $39 smartphone-only device.

SolarWinds will launch the new device in January, with a price tag of $99 for a smartphone-level device and $79 for a tablet-level product.

SolarWind says that its device tracker is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

This would mean that any Android or Windows smartphone, including the $399 Moto X, would be able to track the progress of the device, according to SolarWind.

One other interesting tidbit from SolarWind’s announcement is that it’s targeting smartphone users who have used the SolarWings device in the past.

While the company’s device tracker isn’t an upgrade from Solarwind’s existing solar tracking device, it will offer some new functionality to the existing model.

For example, Solarwinds says that the new unit will be able “to automatically track your steps in any direction” and will “display your daily progress as well as the total distance you have traveled.”

While SolarWind also said that it is “committed to building a global ecosystem of solar tracking devices for all the users,” the company will be partnering with some of the leading manufacturers in this space.

If the company is successful, it would represent another major step in the evolution of smartphone-based solar tracking, which has been a niche product for some time.


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