Apple has sold 4.5 million Apple Watch Series 3s – report

Apple has now sold 4 million Apple Watches globally, Apple’s global sales director, Mike Cavnar, has confirmed.

Apple has sold nearly 4 million of the new models since launching the Series 3 in late August, according to Cavnar.

It’s the second-biggest shipment ever for Apple’s new wearable, he said in a blog post.

The company has sold more than 11 million Apple watch models in India, he added.

The number of Apple Watch models sold is “extremely high”, Cavnar said.

“It’s a phenomenal number.

We’re not seeing any signs of slowing down.””

This is the largest Apple Watch shipment ever.

We’re not seeing any signs of slowing down.”

We have more models on order and the market has exploded,” he added in a separate post.

Cavnar declined to comment on whether Apple had stopped shipping Apple Watch products in India.

Last month, the company said that the new Apple Watch will be available in India by mid-November.

Apple also announced the launch of a new smart watch that it claims is faster and more secure than previous models, and that it can be used as a mobile phone.

The company said it is working with the Indian government to make it compatible with a range of devices, including smartphones.


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