How to buy a hidden tracking device

If you’re planning to buy an invisibility tracking device you may need to be prepared to wait a few weeks for your order to arrive in the mail.

An Australian Financial Report article from March found a number of hidden tracking devices were sold on eBay.

One of the items was a $3,800 Tzumi tracker that is designed to look like a regular tracker, but has the tracking device attached to the body of the device, which then disappears when the device is turned off.

If you want to buy one, eBay is currently offering an $800 “hidden tracking device” with a “silent” tracking system.

The eBay listing has since been removed, but the seller claims it has a similar function, although the tracking system doesn’t function as advertised.

A Tzumis tracking device.

Image: eBayA Tzlis tracking system that is hidden, or is not visible to the user.

Image: eBayThe item was sold on the online retailer’s “silently tracked” listing, which was removed from the site a few days later.

It’s unclear what kind of tracking device was sold to the buyer, and it’s not clear when it was ordered, but eBay has confirmed the seller is a seller with the company that manufactures the Tzlises.

“We can confirm that an eBay seller with a Tzlisme tracking system purchased a tracking device that is not a tracker,” a eBay spokesperson told Business Insider.

We are aware of this seller’s listing and have removed it.

“The Tzlisses, also known as Tzlits, were originally marketed to be used in a variety of scenarios, including for tracking criminals or medical personnel, the article stated.

But eBay’s listing says they are not for tracking, and there’s no indication the seller was an eBay employee.

The seller’s eBay listing includes instructions on how to buy the tracking devices, including how to contact eBay for shipping instructions.

A TZlis tracker that was marketed for tracking purposes.

Image and caption: The seller of the tracking item.

Image caption The seller claims that the tracking functionality works, but is not as advertised, and they can’t be removed from an eBay listing.

A second seller, the seller of a “hidden” tracking device , also offered a $1,500 Tzliskis tracker, which is a “small but effective tracker.”

While this seller didn’t mention the seller by name, eBay’s seller listing says that the seller has a “trackable” seller profile.

EBay also says that “a large number” of sellers on the site use the Tzilis tracking technology, but says “there are no tracking devices that are advertised for this product.”


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