How Bird Stings Can Be Used to Track Dogs and Track Humans

In a world that’s increasingly being policed by sensors and automated vehicles, how do you track a bird that can do harm to people?

How can you tell if a drone is coming to your house?

And how can you stop a dog from running loose?

These questions and more will be addressed at this year’s Future of Privacy conference in Boston.

We’ll be taking questions about these topics from experts in these areas.

For a list of the participating experts, visit:—  Future of Privacy (@futureofprivacy) March 23, 2021What are the issues that will be discussed at the Future of privacy conference?


Security concernsA.

How do we ensure our security?


Privacy rights and privacy violationsC.

The future of surveillanceD.

How the IoT will affect privacy?


What do we need to know about the future of data collection and use?

What’s happening in Boston?

In a world where privacy is increasingly a matter of life and death, we need a new way of thinking about what privacy can be.

In this conversation with some of the most respected privacy experts in the world, we’ll discuss how we can ensure the safety and security of our citizens, while ensuring that their privacy rights and data are protected.

This will be a conversation about how to ensure that the government can’t be used to spy on us, but also how to create a world in which our data is protected and shared.

What will the technology look like to enable this?

Will privacy in the IoT be compromised?

Can the Internet of Things provide security for people?

What does a bird tracker look like in real life?

How can we monitor drones, smart devices, and other large-scale sensors?

How do we protect against the use of drones in the workplace?

Will the technology used in the Future Of Privacy conference work for humans?

What will the future look like for drones, drones, and smart devices?

The Future of P.E.I. has a long history of creating a robust and vibrant culture of innovation. 

The university is currently hosting its first ever “Silicon Valley” conference, with many of the leading entrepreneurs and innovators in the technology and business sectors in attendance.

The conference is a chance for the community to learn from and connect with other like-minded individuals, and for the province to explore what’s possible in the province. 

Join us for an all-day event that brings together people from all over the province, and brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, and students. 

This year’s conference will feature speakers from the private sector, government, and academia. 

Tickets for this year are $35 per person, with the first 100 attendees receiving complimentary access to the event. 

For more information about the conference, please visit:  You can also follow the conference on Twitter.


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