FBI wants to use body scanners to track suspected terrorists

Police are demanding body scanners be used to track people suspected of terrorist activity.

Undercover officers are being asked to wear body scanners while making arrests.

The FBI is also asking for volunteers to wear them while searching for suspects.

“We are asking for a voluntary voluntary, voluntary requirement to wear the device,” FBI Special Agent John F. Gant, a spokesperson for the bureau, told ABC News.

“We do want to have a good understanding of the individual’s anatomy, to see if we can detect tissue in the areas of the body where the person is suspected of committing a crime.”

Gant said he was not aware of any other government agency that asked for volunteers for use in tracking suspected terrorists.

The FBI wants the technology to help them track people who have left the country and become radicalized.

It also wants to develop technologies that can identify people who are at-risk of being radicalized and stop them from carrying out attacks.

“The FBI believes that we need to do more to prevent radicalization,” FBI special agent Christopher J. Schreiber told ABCNews.com.

“To that end, the FBI is asking for voluntary participation in the voluntary implementation of these technology initiatives.”

In February, the Justice Department sued the company behind a popular body scanner, Zebra Technologies, for violating a Federal Trade Commission rule that requires the companies to provide consumer-safety warnings when it comes to body scanners.

The FTC said the company did not have a written warning and that the warnings were not adequately explained.

The FTC sued Zebra on Feb. 25 for misleading the public and misleading consumers about the benefits of the devices.

The Federal Trade Commissioner said he would take a second look at Zebra’s claims that it is safe for use on a wide range of body scans.

The government agency has also been pressuring retailers and businesses to voluntarily allow customers to wear devices that can monitor their movements while they shop.


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