Why Google is going after ESPN’s live TV ratings

Google is launching an ad-supported streaming service that will allow advertisers to target consumers with targeted ads.

The service, called Google Play TV, will launch on the Apple TV on Thursday and compete with existing video services such as Hulu.

Google will also launch a Google Play Music service on the service, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Google Play service will offer the same content as YouTube, which was created by Google and available on the Google Play Store.

Google says it will offer up to 15 hours of live TV programming each day and will be free.

The streaming service will allow Google to offer ads based on how many people have used its app or service, with ads that users pay to show up when a TV or app is streamed.

Ads will be shown for users who have bought the Google Chromecast, Google Home or other devices, the Journal reported.

The new service will be available on Apple TV devices and on other devices such as Roku and Apple TV.

Google said it is looking to make its streaming service more than just an ad service, but that it is aiming to be a way to offer personalized ads to consumers.

It said it will be adding “ads by place, place by place” to help consumers find what they want, according the Journal.

Google Play will also allow users to share their personal ads and content, including with friends and family members.

Google also said that it plans to create a YouTube app that allows people to create YouTube videos and videos to share with Google+.

The Google Home device will allow users and businesses to create videos and share them with friends.

Google TV will offer users the ability to watch movies and TV shows on their phones and tablets.


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