Spyware has hit UK computer tracking devices

When a spyware company was accused of selling a spying device, many users had their privacy breached.

The software was reportedly developed by a company called Kaspersky Lab, and it was designed to spy on the computer of a victim’s employer.

But the software was later discovered to have been manufactured by an online retailer called Topsys.

A Kaspersk employee, whose identity was not released by the company, told the BBC the company’s products had been “used in several cases where they had no business whatsoever with the organisation.”

Kasperski’s vice-president told the British media that the company was “very sorry” for the breach.

The company said the breach had been caused by a security vulnerability in a piece of software it was “fully aware” of.

It said it had fixed the vulnerability and was looking into the matter further.

But for now, it said that it was still working to resolve the issue.

It’s unclear what the impact of the breach would be, or how many people have had their personal data breached.

In some cases, Kaspersko customers may have been unaware of the vulnerability, which the company said was fixed on December 1.

It has been contacted by BBC News to clarify the status of the issue and if it is still in the process of being resolved.

The British media outlet reported the breach as having been discovered after an investigation by a third party.

The unnamed third party asked Kasperskov to send the company a sample of malware.

“We have been informed that there is a security issue that we should investigate further,” a spokesperson for Kasperskin told the outlet.

The spokesperson added that it would take up to a week to investigate the issue further.

It is unclear how the issue is linked to the Kasperskaya company.

However, the BBC report indicates that the breach is the result of a flaw in the software, and not some sort of spyware-related breach.

“This is not a new issue and it has been publicly known for some time that the KDL product Kasperska is responsible for,” the spokesperson said.

“It is possible that this is simply a technical problem with the KLL software.

We are working to understand the source of the problem and the potential consequences of this.”


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