Why I’m not using a smartwatch as my cycling companion

I use an old Garmin Edge 520 as my running companion on the bike and on the treadmill, and a few other cycles, but it’s not always possible to track my running or cycling.

It’s not perfect either, but there’s an app for that. 

So when I came across this new device, which is being launched by Garmin, that’s what I decided to try.

The Verge describes it as a smartwatches that “allow you to track your activity while on the go.”

The Verge also notes that the device “will also track your location on GPS” while in use.

The device comes with a GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities.

It looks to have a lot of features and it’s priced at $99.99, which isn’t too shabby. 

While the device has some issues with battery life, the Verge writes that it will last for up to 8 hours.

The company claims that this device is “the first Garmin device that can sync your cycling and running activity.”

That means that it should work on both a daily and weekly basis, and that it can also “provide up to 3,000 hours of cycling and fitness data per month.”

It also notes the device will be compatible with Garmin’s new HR unit, which has been in development for the past year. 

This device should also be able to track sleep, food, and exercise, and is said to “provides an even easier way to keep track of your sleep and exercise history.” 

You can buy the device here.