When a smartwatch costs less than a laptop and costs less for a smart home

In a recent interview, Google cofounder Sergey Brin explained that it would be possible to charge smartwatches with battery packs that are smaller and more energy efficient than the current lithium ion batteries.

The problem with that idea is that batteries can easily become too expensive over time.

For example, battery cells can take up to a year to reach full capacity, meaning that a single charge can consume about 10% of the battery.

With a smart watch, that means that each charge takes less than two weeks to complete. 

But the battery is only the first piece of a larger puzzle.

Brin also pointed out that smartwars are being built with a new technology called ‘smartglasses,’ which are wireless devices that are designed to monitor your every move. 

A smartglasses can also measure ambient light, which is essential to tracking movements on your wrist. 

Google recently acquired smartglass maker Ambient Lighting, which is also using the new technology to develop a wearable sensor. 

Ambient Lighting has demonstrated that a smartglassing can detect the position of the wearer’s hands as well as their heart rate and speed. 

This means that the smartglassed can track a user’s heartbeat, as well. 

Another interesting application of Ambient Light is the ability to track the movements of the body as well, which can help you track your body’s movements and detect injuries. 

Brin also noted that the technology could also be used to track your breathing, which could be useful for treating asthma, obesity, and diabetes. 

The biggest problem with the technology is that there is a lot of work to be done to make it viable and affordable for people to use it. 

However, Google has said that it plans to sell smartglash units to healthcare facilities and government organizations in the near future. 

It’s hard to imagine that it won’t eventually make its way into mainstream wearable tech, but right now, it looks like smartglashes are just the beginning. 

source National Review article


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