How to tell when a smartwatch is dead

The device has been dead for months, with Apple’s own smartwatch software telling consumers it’s no longer connected to the network.

But a device that’s connected to a network but no longer running the OS can still tell time.

The iPhone 6S has been outfitted with a hardware “time tracker” to track time.

But that’s not the only feature Apple is touting with the new iPhone 6s.

Apple is also touting a new, cheaper Apple Watch, with an improved camera and a revamped interface that could make it easier for consumers to track their steps, according to The Verge.

The time tracker in the new watch is a little different from the one in the iPhone 6.

Apple says the new Apple Watch will not record steps or heart rate, which could be helpful in cases of severe dehydration.

The watch will also record sleep.

Apple has not said how many units of the new Watch are on the market.

The new Apple watch is expected to launch in June for $399.

The original iPhone 6 cost $349, according a listing on Amazon.

The new Apple TV, meanwhile, is expected this fall for $40.