Why BMW is making a tracking car to track its car owners

BMW is going to be testing a tracking vehicle in the US and is working on developing a way for owners to track their cars, reports Business Insider.

The car maker has made the announcement in an official blog post, which notes that the “trackers will be developed with BMWs commitment to make the car the most efficient and reliable car ever made”.

The company is also working on a tracking system for its cars in the UK.

The tracking car will be “a smart way to track and control our cars”, according to the post, adding that it will be a “world-first”.

The car manufacturer has not revealed exactly how many cars it is testing, but Business Insider claims that the car maker is using “a range of smart technologies” to create a vehicle that “will be the most convenient for its owners and the safest for others”.

BMW says that it is “working closely with our partners at Nissan to explore this technology”.

Nissan, which also makes the Jaguar XE, has said it will use “smart technology to help drivers control the car” and it has “been working with BMW on this”.

BMW also says that its system will “provide better control over driving”, “providing an advantage over other vehicles” and “enhancing safety”.

Nissan is also expected to release its own vehicle tracking system in the next few months.

The UK government has also said that it has received a request from BMW to develop a tracking device for its own cars.

This could give Nissan the ability to track car ownership and other information for up to a year, Business Insider reports.

The German automaker has also confirmed that it plans to launch a self-driving car later this year.

“The car maker will be developing a smart way for its customers to track the vehicle.

It will be built on BMWs commitments to make our cars the most eco-friendly and safest,” the company said.

BMW has been using the UK for a number of years, but this is the first time that it says it is working directly with the car manufacturer to develop tracking systems.

BMW’s UK car tracker project will be the first for the automaker in the country, which was established in 1998.

The company was set up in 1994 to help customers save on petrol costs and get the car back to a regular working condition.

The system allows owners to upload data from their phone and monitor it on the vehicle’s dashboard.

The automaker says that the system is the only one in the world to allow owners to monitor the vehicle while the vehicle is being driven.

BMW is also building an autonomous car.

The self-propelled car, which is currently only being tested on a track in England, will be capable of driving itself, although it is unclear what the exact driving conditions will be.