New ‘bobcats’ for dogs and cats to help with tracking

LAS VEGAS — The world of dog tracking has taken another leap forward.

New “bobcats” for dogs have been developed by a company based in Australia that has developed the world’s first laser tracking device.

The new device is capable of tracking a dog’s location within a 3D environment and is able to transmit data back to the dog owner via the internet.

“This is a real milestone,” said Kevin McInerney, CEO of Lidar Technology.

A dog’s brain, called the sensorimotor cortex, is connected to the brainstem.

It transmits electrical impulses to the sensor.

This can be used to track a dog and help it locate objects in the environment.

In order to transmit information from the sensor to the owner, it must be processed by the brain.

That is what the sensor has done for the first time.

Once it is processed, the data is sent back to a central server, where it is transmitted to the owners home.

Each sensor has a battery life of a few hours, depending on the model, and can also transmit information via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet.

Its easy to use.

To use it, a dog needs to download and install the software on their computer.

There are a variety of apps available for the devices.

Lidar uses a laser to measure the distance between a dog (known as the sensor) and the object being tracked.

Then, when the dog reaches the object, the laser can detect the object and send a signal back to its owner.

One sensor has sensors that track dogs in a small, indoor space.

Other sensors have sensors that are placed on the ground, or on the dog’s back.

While a dog might use the sensors on a regular basis, the devices are most useful when used for dog tracking.

When a dog is at home, it is often easier for the dog to see objects in a dark space, McInerrney said.

An individual dog’s sense of smell can also help to locate objects.

Dogs can detect and follow objects more easily when they are on the same side of the room as the object.

But, as the dog grows older, this ability decreases.

So, the Lidars new technology will allow the dog owners to track their dogs more easily in a more natural way.

They can even use the Lids for human contact.

McInersey said Lidarr can be attached to the ground.

He said the company is also working on a small dog tracking system for the Australian market.

And, they plan to launch the LIDARs into the market soon.

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