Spytec tracker device on my person: I was caught by police

A surveillance device that was discovered in my car last month has been the subject of a police investigation.

The device, an electronic spyglass, is designed to capture video, audio and images.

The device, a $20 spyglass and a small metal box, was placed in the front passenger seat of my car after I left a local movie theater, according to police.

The officers took the spyglass into evidence, and the device was later found by the California Highway Patrol.

Police said in a news release on Tuesday that the device’s owner, a woman in her late 20s, told them the device had been in her car since January.

She said the device captured audio and video of her conversations with the device.

The woman also said she had left the device in her garage for weeks, and that she had not given it away.

The woman was charged with two counts of possession of a spyglass for unauthorized use and two counts for the use of a device that is not authorized to be used by the owner.

The case was referred to the California Department of Justice for possible charges of criminal possession of the device and unlawful possession of electronic surveillance devices.

The CHP does not have a record of any complaints about the device since it was found, said CHP spokesperson Jodi Mazzola.

The CHS has not responded to questions about whether the device is in the possession of law enforcement officials.

A CHP spokesman said the agency will review the device to determine whether it violates department policies and procedures.

In April, a man in Florida was arrested after deputies found a spyware device in his car.

The sheriff’s department said the man had not been aware the device contained spyware and that it was not connected to any criminal activity.


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