Why Apple may be losing its smartwatch dominance

Apple is losing its leading position in smartwatch sales, according to a new survey by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The survey of 2,500 consumers, which surveyed 1,600 U.S. adults in the first quarter, shows Apple has lost market share in both smartwatch categories.

Apple has been the top-selling smartwatch maker in the U.K., the U, France and Germany, according a survey of 1,100 U.A.C. respondents by Kantard.

Kantard, which is a leading research firm for consumer electronics, is the third-largest vendor of smartwatch components.

It surveyed a total of 1.1 million U.C.-born adults in June, the most recent survey.

Apple sold 4.4 million smartwatches last quarter, down slightly from 5.5 million the year before.

Apple’s sales have been on a steady decline since 2010, when it introduced the iPhone 4S.

Apple started selling the iPhone in October 2011.

The new survey shows Apple’s market share has fallen by 12 percentage points since its most recent quarter, a decline of 20 percent.

In the quarter ending March 31, Apple sold an estimated 3.2 million smartwatch units, down from 4.3 million units in the same period last year.

The company also reported lower revenues for the second quarter, including lower revenue from digital advertising, which accounted for 40 percent of its sales in the quarter.

“The drop in iPhone sales reflects Apple’s continuing effort to reduce its reliance on the iPhone, while the iPhone is no longer a major seller,” said Michael Nathanson, president and chief research officer at Kantar.

“However, Apple continues to dominate in the smartwatch market, and sales remain strong in both the U., Europe and China.”

Apple’s smartwatch shipments were down 7.5 percent in the third quarter, according the Kantar survey.

“Smartwatch market share continues to be a key driver of Apple’s profitability and the company continues to grow rapidly in all three categories,” Nathanson said.

Kantar did not have a specific number for Apple’s smartphone sales.

The study was based on a survey conducted June 1 through June 10 among 1,200 U.P. adults.

Kantars Consumer Insight survey, which was conducted in February, was also released Monday.

The firm also conducted a survey in March with a sample of 2.4 billion U.I. adults, a representative sample of U.N. and international students.

Kantarist also polled 2,200 adults in its U.H.I./PISA online survey.

Kantark’s research has been conducted in partnership with Accenture, Nielsen, TNSB, Gartner and others.

For more on the latest on the Apple Watch, watchOS 2 and other tech news, click here.

Apple said it has invested $4.5 billion to create and develop Apple Watch technology.

The latest Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch comes with a number of new features.

The newest model is the Apple Pencil, which allows users to write in their notes on Apple’s online store.

It can also be used to make contacts.

The Series 2 is also available in black, red, yellow and silver.

Apple will also introduce new smartwatch bands this year, including the Apple Sport Band, Apple Wireless Earbuds, Apple Watch Style Earbud and Apple Watch Case.


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