UK’s ‘Bird’ Tracking Device Has Spying Features, Authorities Say

DEEP COVERAGE: What’s new in cybersecurity news in 2018.

The UK’s Home Office has said a device designed to help police track a suspect’s movements using an artificial intelligence algorithm has been discovered by the UK’s security services.

It is the second UK device to be linked to domestic surveillance, with a similar device being linked to the UK Air Traffic Control system, which is run by the Government Communications Headquarters.

In addition to the two UK devices, the UK has also been linked to a Chinese device that monitors the movements of people on the mainland.

In an article in The Independent, the Home Office said: “This has been described as a ‘spying device’ and ‘bio-sensor’.”

The device was created by a British company called Cybercobra, which claims to be the ‘largest surveillance company in the world’.

“It has a wide range of capabilities, including facial recognition, image recognition, location tracking, motion recognition, and the ability to identify people by their facial features, like pupils, pupils in particular, or irises.”

It also has an onboard microphone that can be used to identify a person’s location.

“We are aware of the devices existence and we are investigating it,” the Home Secretary said in the statement.

“Cybercobras privacy policy states that we take data that falls under the scope of our national security investigations seriously, including when it is obtained through hacking or by use of automated means, and that we will not share any such data with anyone.”

Cybercrime experts say the devices use similar technology to the ones used in the US, but are not connected to the same type of surveillance system.

A spokesman for Cybercrime Prevention said the UK is not the only country to have a device linked to surveillance.

“It’s actually a common feature in surveillance systems in many countries around the world,” he said.

“In the UK, the system is known as ‘the UK Cyber Security Initiative’, but there are also other countries that have their own ‘Cyber Security Teams’ or ‘Cyberspace Security Agencies’.”

The UK is a “significant target” for hackers, he said, adding that the country has “a large number of private sector cybercriminals who are active and well funded”.


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