Why Google’s wearable devices aren’t helping the US fight the spread of pandemic

Google is quietly working to build wearable devices that can track people, and potentially even track and kill them.

As it tries to develop such devices, Google is reportedly looking at a variety of approaches including tracking devices embedded in clothes or under clothing, but is also looking to wearables as a way to track and track people with greater accuracy.

Google has also been quietly developing wearable tracking devices that could be used to track people even when they’re wearing a protective mask, a development that would be particularly useful if it were to be deployed against the spread and containment of the pandemic.

For now, Google’s focus appears to be on wearable tracking and mapping, which could potentially be used by healthcare organizations and public health agencies.

But while the devices would be useful for tracking and tracking people, it’s unclear how Google could use these to track other individuals without triggering a panic and a public health response.

The wearable tracking device Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has described as a “Google Glass” for the wearable tech industry, could be a way of tracking people and potentially killing them, and could also help public health organizations track people when they travel.

In the event of a public event involving multiple people in close proximity, a Google Glass-like device could be worn, allowing the device to be used in tandem with an electronic tag or a GPS unit.

According to Bloomberg, the wearable tracking system could also be used for tracking people who have been at high risk of transmitting the pandemics’ coronavirus, which is transmitted by close contact with infected people.

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