What’s on your phone when you’re not tracking?

FourFour2’s Amber Tracking Device was unveiled earlier this week, but we weren’t able to get our hands on it, so here’s our review of its performance.

What’s it like to be a tracking device?

The Amber tracker is a tiny device that attaches to your phone’s camera lens and is used to detect when you are in the vicinity of an amber beacon.

When the device is triggered, it emits a signal that sends the GPS coordinates of the location of the beacon to the Amber Tracker app, which then sends the coordinates to your mobile phone’s location service.

This information is then used to locate your phone and send you an alert if you’re nearby.

When it’s triggered, the device sends a signal to your smartphone’s GPS system and sends the location information to the app.

The app then uses the GPS information to send the location to the police and alert you to the location, which allows you to take immediate action if you spot the beacon.

The Amber Tracker’s design is similar to a fingerprint reader, which means it’s fairly easy to use.

It’s small, so it’s a good fit for the palm of your hand, and its size makes it easier to read.

The phone’s display is also fairly crisp, and the sensor is light, making it easy to hold in your hand.

There’s also a microUSB port that you can use to charge the Amber tracker, but there’s no way to use it as a Bluetooth receiver.

It also doesn’t have any NFC functionality, so you won’t be able to pair it with other phones that support NFC.

What to expect from the Amber tracking device While the Amber Tracking device is small, it can be hard to use for a long period of time, and you may feel a little uncomfortable using it for extended periods of time.

You’ll need to use your phone as a small, mobile tracker if you plan to use the device as a mobile tracking device for long periods of a day, such as at work or at home.

It does have a built-in GPS receiver that you’ll need a compatible GPS device for, and it can use Bluetooth, but it’s not compatible with the Bluetooth standard for other mobile devices.

The tracking device does, however, have an external camera that can take photos, and this camera is very useful if you need to quickly and easily take pictures of the Amber trackers locations.

When you’re done using it, the Amber Trackers camera app will automatically upload your photos to our Amber Tracker Gallery.

Amber Tracker will then send you a notification that you’ve captured the location and will send the photo to the nearest police station.

You can choose to let the Amber tracked devices location be shared with your Facebook friends or the AmberTracker Facebook group, which will allow the Amber devices location to be shared on the Amber tagged Facebook page.

What you can do with the Amber tracks location When you receive the Amber Tracks location alert, you’ll be able see the Amber tag, which shows the Amber locations of other Amber tracked phones.

You won’t have to enter any information to access the Amber tags location, but you can also choose to send a message to the owners of other amber tracked phones if you want to.

You don’t need to enter your own details or a photo, and Amber Trackors location can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or the Apple Maps app.

When Amber Tracker sends your location, it will also send a text message to your Facebook contacts and a text to your Google+ contacts.

The messages will appear in your Amber Tracker feed, which you can then use to locate the Amber phone you’re tracking.

The text message that will appear on the phone is in the form of a notification.

You need to open the notification in your mobile device to read it, but this text message will also be sent to your other Amber tagged phones.

If you’re in the area of an Amber tagged phone, you will be notified when you receive a text from the owner of that Amber tagged device.

If Amber Trackor is not located in the Amber monitored area, Amber Tracker won’t send you any notifications, so no need to check your phone.

Amber Tracking is only available to those who are in contact with Amber tagged people, so if you’ve been tracking Amber tagged contacts, you can’t use the AmberTrack to track them.

You might want to contact your Amber tagged friend or family member to ask them to contact AmberTrack if they are Amber tagged.

How to use AmberTrack You can use AmberTracker to track the Amber tagging of a phone or tablet, or to set up alerts on Amber tagged devices.

If your phone or device is Amber tagged, you need an Amber Tracker account to use this feature.

The only time AmberTrack isn’t compatible with other devices is if you have two Amber tagged mobile phones.

AmberTrack is also only available in Canada, so Amber Tracker is only compatible with Amber Tag devices.

For more information on Amber Tracking, visit the Amber