How to use Google’s new email tracking software

A new email app from Google is tracking every email you send to it, including when you visit a webpage.

The company is rolling out the tracking feature on the iPhone and iPad app, which allows users to track their emails by the time they leave a webpage or tab.

If you receive a message with a subject or a message title that contains a link, the app will then send you an email with the link.

If the subject or title contains a url, the email will be redirected to the app, so you’ll see a confirmation link when you click on it.

The app will also send email to your Gmail account for you, and you can set up an email to be sent to multiple recipients.

Once the email is sent, it’s gone for good, so don’t worry about tracking the email.

Google says the tracking will only be active when you’re on the website, in which case it won’t show up on your inbox.

The email app works just like Google Reader does.

Google has said it uses the same algorithm as Google Reader for sending email, so this should work for both email and Reader.

If your Gmail inbox is full, you can opt out of email tracking by clicking on “Edit my Gmail account” in the upper right corner of the Gmail app.

You can also opt out by clicking the “Block” button in the top right corner.

If this doesn’t work, click the “Clear Data” button to delete your email.

If you’ve been using Google Reader, you might have noticed the Gmail email app isn’t sending you emails anymore.

The new email feature is only available to Gmail users who have a Gmail account.

The company also updated its Reader app to be compatible with the new email service, so it should work on all devices.


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