How to use the Best Tracking Device for Pokemon Go in Pokemon GO, Part 1

A new Pokemon GO tracker is launching in the U.S. today, and its creators are hoping to help players get more out of the game by giving them an even better chance to catch Pokemon.

The tracker, dubbed the Best Tracker, was designed by a company called TrackMates, and it uses the Pokemon GO API to collect real-time data about where players are and how far they’ve gone.

It also uses GPS to show players where they are, how far away they are from the game, and how much they’ve been playing.

The tracking is a lot like tracking an iPhone, which is great for players who want to be able to pinpoint where their Pokemon are and what they’re doing.

It’s an easy way to track players who are at a certain location, and the app lets you know where players currently are.

There are two different versions of the app, one for Android and one for iOS.

Both are free, and both are good for the average player, although the iOS version has a catch limit that is stricter than the Android version.

It has a variety of features, including a feature that tells you how many Pokemon you have in your party.

The best tracker tracker app for Pokemon GO has been launched today in the US, and they’re calling it the BestTracker for Pokemon.

“The Best Tracker will help you find the best Pokemon and catch them faster than ever before,” the developers wrote in a press release.

“Our software uses GPS technology to give you real-world locations, which can be helpful for tracking your Pokemon.

With this, you can find your Pokemon at a safe distance, and keep track of them while they are in your field, even while they’re in your house.”

The tracker works by capturing the Pokemon in your game, then using a combination of the tracker’s GPS technology and your GPS location to find your exact location.

You can use your phone to track Pokemon and track your friends, as well.

TrackMate’s creators hope that the tracker will help players track their Pokemon more easily.

“As our software will collect GPS data from your smartphone and send that to a cloud based service to be stored in the cloud, you will have greater accuracy and control over where your Pokemon are when you want them,” they wrote.

“TrackMates has also been developed to be very easy to use.

It can be downloaded and installed by anyone who has an Android or iOS device, and is compatible with any Android device running iOS 7.0 or later.”

You can check out the app in the Play Store for free.

The trackers makers are aiming to be useful in both Pokemon GO and Pokemon GO 2, but in order to use their software, you’ll have to download and install it first.

The software works with the new version of Pokemon GO in the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Pokemon GO 3 and Pokemon Go 4 are still being developed.

You should expect more Pokemon GO tracking apps to launch over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you should check out this tutorial on how to use GPS tracking apps in Pokemon Go.


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