Why you should not download a snake tracking app

A snake tracking company is selling snake tracking devices that can track the movements of a person, animal, or object.

If you have a pet, you should use a tracking device to keep track of that pet, the product states on its website.

In addition to tracking pets, the app also tracks other pets, pets that are in a location, and pets that move around.

It is unclear how these apps can be used for tracking a person’s whereabouts or the whereabouts of other people.

The products have been spotted on Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, though not necessarily on the marketplace.

“You can use them with any device that can be powered by Bluetooth, GPS, or WiFi,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement.

“These devices will provide the same high-quality, privacy-protected privacy that you get with a tracker device.”

The company offers a list of the devices that it offers for sale, with one listing that includes a snake tracker for $79.99.

The company does not explain why a snake track device would be necessary, nor do the prices listed.

It does state that the snake tracker is “not a tracking tool, but a companion for your pet.”

The snake tracking product is not the first snake tracking gadget to hit the market.

Last year, the National Geographic Channel aired a video of a snake in the wild in a Washington state wilderness.

The video was an animated clip that featured a snake being tracked by a tracker.

In March, a similar video was released of a coyote being tracked and tracked in Utah.

In August, an Amazon product listing for a tracking snake device stated that it would track people’s movements.

The Amazon product description stated that the tracking device was “a companion for people.”

The product was listed on Amazon for $99.99, but the listing was removed on Monday.


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