How to track your car and get more traffic

If you have a smartphone with a GPS device, you may have been able to see your location through the GPS.

But now, that same device is able to show you the car’s location.

But that’s not all.

In a recent post, the Verge reported on a new device from a company called SolarTrack.

It was created by a Chinese company that is known for its cars.

SolarTrack uses lasers to project data about a car’s position onto a display screen.

In order to track the car, you have to wear the device and then follow its path.

If the car has a radar detector, it can tell when you’re near it.

The Verge reported that the SolarTrack device is designed to track a car as far as 100 meters (328 feet) from it, and will let you know how far away the car is when you wear it.

There is also a small camera in the device that will show you when it detects the vehicle’s position.

The device also allows you to get the car to a point where you can look at it.