How to block Apple’s new iPhone 5S tracking device

Updated June 12, 2018 06:54:06 Apple is introducing the iPhone 5s with a new version of its Apple Pay mobile payments service in the US.

The new iPhone is launching on June 10 in New York City and will be available nationwide from June 13.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, Apple’s iOS Pay system works by pairing your phone to a nearby mobile payment terminal.

You use your phone’s fingerprint reader to make a purchase from the terminal and then use your Apple Pay card to make payments on Apple Pay devices.

Apple Pay is compatible with almost all iPhone models, but there are a few exclusions.

The first exclusions are the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4s can only be used to make purchases through Apple Pay on iPhone 4 or later, and only in the United States and Canada.

The iPhone 4, however, can be used in other countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

The second exclusions come in the form of Apple Pay-compatible smartwatches and wearables.

The first is the Apple Watch, which can only work with Apple Pay and its compatible Apple Pay cards.

The Apple Watch comes in two versions: the basic model that comes with a stainless steel case, and the Apple Watches Sport and Pro.

The Apple Watch is compatible only with Apple products.

The Watch Sport and Watches Pro both have an Apple Pay integration.

The new iPhones and Apple Watchers will also work with compatible Apple cards.

Apple is also launching an Apple Health app, which will work with any Apple Pay credit card.

The app will offer a shopping list, a shopping cart, and a check-in process.

Apple also announced it will be launching an app for its Apple Music streaming service.

Apple Music will have more than 1 billion subscribers in the U.S.

Apple said that the new iPhones will come with a free upgrade to iOS 9.0.0 and 10.1.1 that will let users keep using iOS 9 and 10 if they wish.

The upgrade will also allow users to keep the iPhone’s software updates.