Google’s Tracking Devices are Getting New Names

By Amy M. SiewertPublished Feb 15, 2018 09:53:31 Google is starting to roll out a new set of tracking devices designed to help it better track and identify individuals.

The devices, dubbed Windows Trackers, are designed to work with Windows 10.

The company has already started to release some of them, with the first device to go live today being the Windows Tracker 4G.

The new Windows TrackER 4G, the first Windows device to receive the new tracking capabilities, uses the same technology that powers Microsoft’s Surface Hub.

The tracking features are intended to help developers create better ways to track devices in their apps, Microsoft said in a blog post.

For example, the Windows Tracker 4G uses Microsoft’s Real-time Tracking Service (RTTS) to detect when devices are in a location and when they’re not.

When the tracking device is in a specific location, the device automatically alerts the user and sends the location data to Microsoft’s Bing.

In addition, the tracking system can help developers understand when devices in a given location are using Wi-Fi and how to turn it off.

For developers, the new Windows tracking capabilities also help Microsoft track the devices in the same way that it tracks the devices it stores in its cloud.

Microsoft can store the device data for up to three years, and developers can use the data to improve their apps.

Microsoft’s SurfaceHub also uses RTTS to track the device, but Microsoft has recently been working to improve its accuracy and security by introducing a new cloud-based data storage solution that Microsoft hopes will improve its ability to track Windows devices in real-time.

Microsoft also plans to integrate RTTS into new tracking apps like its Surface Hub and Windows 10 Mobile.

The first Windows devices to receive these new tracking features will be available in the coming weeks, Microsoft wrote.

Windows TrackERS will be free with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider Preview, and Microsoft said it will soon begin to sell the device through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has said it expects the Windows tracking devices to make up the majority of its Windows 10 devices.

It also said the tracking devices will help improve Windows 10 security.

Microsoft released the first version of the tracking technology for Windows devices back in January.